Wednesday, 12 August 2009

toasted pine nut and sweet potato salad

More diet-related stresses, only today the glee is on the other side of the kitchen. As it turns out there is a slight discrepancy between the scales at the gym and the analogue one, saggy from fat AOL staff constantly huffing and puffing on it, has gone to the great scales in the sky. The digital one is far less accommodating and my massive weight-loss is scaled down to half a kilo. Boo!

With this in mind we rock a classic tasty salad. I've cooked it a million times but for some reason it turns into a catalogue of errors: Whilst the potatoes and tomatoes are roasting I have to make a dash to Sainsbury's to get the spinach, which is okay. When I get back I realise I've forgotten to get any bloody avocado. Gah!

toasted pine nut and sweet potato saladThe evening even less impressively as I spend two hours revising for my theory test on Friday. This week looks like it's going to be 'fun'.

Food of the Milos
Porridge for breaker, the usual glut of fruit, cheese sandwiches at Zoe's and the ana's perform miracles getting the left-over fish curry down him. He usually likes it but he surprises us by wolfing the onion and french beans down. Wowzers!

toasted pine nut and sweet potato salad - Donna Hay, The Instant Cook, p49

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  1. Russells, I feel that we need a baby food makeover up here. I am 'stuck' in a cycle of spag bol, rump steak (no lesser cut will do) based beef casserole and Bills tomato risotto. B-jammin very clearly turned his nose up and made a face much like a dirty old man staring at a svelte lady in a short skirt when I attempted fish pie and macaroni 'sheese'. Roast dinners are going down a storm (so long as there are plenty of roast spuds). I am therefore referring back to your earlier posts to when Milo was of similar age. Any additional suggestions would be most welcome! BTW - the boy has decided these days that food is actually rather a good idea.

    Bless you too for making it known that Anas have nothing to fear when it comes to swimwear. She will be foxing it up with the best of them come italia.

    Much love to you all xxx