Sunday, 9 August 2009

poached salmon and risoni salad

The rain coming home is biblical tonight, which makes the fact we've got *more* salad for tea seem less appealing. Particularly seeing as I've had to cycle up to Valentina's get the orzo on the way home.

Further insult to injury is added when I realise we've also got no frozen peas, so I have to run down to Sainsbury's to get some whilst the salmon is poaching. And then forgetting to pick up a lemon and some dill. I had the rest of the ingredients though...

poached salmon and risoni saladFood of the Milos
This week the milos have been so sweet, so he gets one of his favourites for tea tonight - PIZZA! I'm damn lucky there's a couple of slices left-over for me when I get home, I can tell you.

pizza catssources
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