Wednesday, 12 August 2009

keralan fish curry

The second week of the diet-and-no-booze-during-the-week has drawn new battlegrounds in Barnes mansions. The cracks start when I reveal according to the gym scales I've lost almost 4kg this week. The scales do not lie and I put it all down to a new regime of rowing. The two packets of chilli chocolate I've put in the fridge don't help either, although Ana has come up with a unique resolution: We can have chilli chocolate in the house if I ration it out *but* simply hiding it will be 'really annoying'. Hmmmm, I don't know what she's complaining about, she looks pretty good to me.

Anyway, back to the small portions of food and we go for some comfort fish curry tonight. I never thought I'd hear myself ever utter those words, but we do have a fish dish we both quite look forward to. It's doubly weird because before you get to the recipe you have wade through Nigella's cod temple-mummy bobbins. At least it's not 'express' shudder!

keralan fish curryFood of the Milos
The week starts with weetabix for breakfast, force-fed into him whilst he grizzled about 'not wanting it', post-swimming pasta for lunch at Andrea's, and a Mummy-special pizza for tea. Plus the usual puffs, fruits and cheese.

keralan fish curry - Nigella Lawson, Delicious Magazine, Feb 2009, p83
mummy special pizza - based on Annabel Karmel's finger food stuff

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