Wednesday, 12 August 2009

gingerbread men, crips and burgers

It's a beautiful day and we've got a packed weekend; saturday I've got a driving lesson, the usual trip to the farmer's market, duck pond and paddling pool for a mini-picnic. Then post-snoopy snooze, we're off to Bad Lucy's for a barbie. Are you ready? Then I'll begin...

So driving lesson over (I fail my first mock by just the five serious driver errors) me and the monkey get our usual quota of babyccinos (weirdly they make much better ones in bad-conglomerate Cafe Nero than lovely Orange Pekoe) and veg and head off to feed the ducks. Ducks duly fed a combination of seed and small stones, we go to the park for a paddle. It's baking and somebody needs to be bribed with a giant gingerbread man before he'll come out of the pool and get into the buggy. He licks it all the way home, creating a great moustache-effect from the dye in the eyes.

run run as fast as you can
you can't catch me, i'm the gingerbread man
Whilst he sleeps we down mugs of tea and finish cutting the grass and tidying the garden - so no lunch you notice. Diets in full swing, hurrah and all that.

Post snooze we head off to London's trendy 'Tooting' quarter for Lucyfer's excellent barbie. Monkey is quite well-behaved even if he did eat an entire packet of crips and wipe houmous on Sash's new dress. Others are less so, and yellow cards are duly given out for constant swearing (S Breslau) and consistent and malicious taunting small children by saying the word 'balloons' over and over when there clearly weren't any (Mrs S Cruz). Despite that it was a very nice afternoon. We had a burger each, and that was IT for Saturday. By Christ I best get into that bikini...

When we get back the milos go to bed without any tea... ...because he'd eaten his weight in snacks at Lucy's.

And so to sleep, knackered (and just a teensy bit hungry)

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