Thursday, 13 August 2009

oven-roasted pepper & garlic gnocchi

The pre-holiday fat fighting continues although Ana weasels out of it by babysitting Isla so Claire can go out for her birthday. This leaves me at home with no midsomer because of the cocking football, and three hours of bastard theory test revision to do. I'm dismayed to discover when she gets home that the babysitter had been drinking champagne...

For half of that time I roast some tomatoes and leftover peppers with garlics, and then add the gnocchi and rocket. Despite forgetting the Feta, it tastes pretty darned good and there's enough left over for monkey nuts tomorrow (both of them, monkey nutses I suppose) and Jude Judy Judith who's coming for a visit.

oven-roasted pepper & garlic gnocchi
It looks a bit soupy but I think that's due more to the pan as it was lovely and unctuous on the plate. Just be glad there's a picture finally - although it may (or may not) interest you to know I have started back-filling images now.

Food of the Milos
We got some Leek and potato soup out the freezer for his lunch, which was curiously less-successful than usual. I think the freezing process concentrated the blue cheese flavour slighty? A hearty pasta and sauce for dinner. We'll take the puffs/fruit/cheese as read shall we?

oven-roasted pepper & garlic gnocchi - Delicious One Month Healthy Eating Plan Booklet, February 2007 p16

Brenda - Hmmm, you seem to have spawned a food ponce. I wonder who he could take after? I found pies were the secret to Milo's stomach, which is just as well as the freezer is stuffed with them. Shepherd's pie always seems to win, as does that lentilly hearty vegetable version.

I think this winter we're going to ramping up the stews - he used to like them when he was v small and they were blended but he went off them a bit last winter. Excellent news he's eating though - hurrah! Also, a few weeks late but voila, here's the recipe!

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