Monday, 25 April 2011

heston's pea & pancetta spaghetti

After a scorching weekend of playing garden cricket, doing silly indie dancing and trying to unlock the flavour in many cans of lager (mmmmm, warmish fizzy, brown water), we need to detox.

It's still lovely and sunny, and there's a spare packet of pancetta lurking in the fridge so what better way to start (yet another) new regime of health than with Heston's pea & pancetta spaghetti? Obvs we have it with more fizzy, brown water and a chilled glass of rose...

Due to the fact pay day isn't til Friday, we're going to try and make meals using only what we've got in the house, other than buying salad because we're one day short. And bread.

Food of the Milos
Seeing as we start the day in Ashton, and end it in Mortlake, and it being Easter, it's yet another slightly odd day of food, but odd in a good way. Sort of.
Breakfast: nibbles, cheerios, toast;
Snacks: two bowls of weetos, most of his haul of easter eggs, a smoothie and two rice cakes;
Dinner: pea & pancetta spaghetti, and *gasp* he ate his peas

heston's pea & pancetta spaghetti - Waitrose Weekend, 16th September, p10

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