Monday, 11 April 2011

bill granger's chick pea and tomato soup with chorizo

You will no doubt be all glad to know we've finally got our lives back. With Ana and Milo's Easter trip to the Isle of Wight imminent, we've got no choice tonight but to put a second - and final - three hour shift in to finish Forbrydelsen. OMG it was worth it, and with enough loose ends to keep us awake for another hour arguing about it...

Anyway, with three hours to go we need something quick and given the sudden rain squalls, hearty. Come on down Billy G's by-now-classic chick pea and tomato soup. With chorizo.

So, with the Danish crime drama *finally* over (until the second series starts that is) prepare yourselves for a torrent of updates.

chick pea and tomato soup with chorizo and green chilli - Bill Granger, Delicious, February 2008 p68

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