Monday, 30 September 2013

tom norrington-davies' chicken noodle soup with mint and lemon

It’s a Monday so naturally we’re both struggling with the howling wolves of starvation that take up residence in our stomachs each week, crying out for food. Just a nibble, for the love of Pete…

For a couple of reasons I seem to fair okay-ish this week, partly I suspect because of roast overload yesterday, and also because I’m on a training course for most of the day, so I’m otherwise too engaged to notice any pangs of hunger. Having said that, my stomach rumbled all the way through the late afternoon session, which turned out to be a boon as its growling woke me up from my powerpoint-induced slumbers before too many people noticed.

Back home, I’ve noticed another corollary of weekly fasting other than being grumpy, losing weight and drinking lots of tea/coffee, and that’s the unexpected benefit of massively increased efficiency in putting Milo to bed. I’d like to claim this is because we’re both highly caring parents, completely focused on his well-being, but it’s not. The truth is we’re starving, so the longer he stays up, the later we get to eat our daily allowance of calories, and in fact if Ana had her way he’d be in bed by 4.30.
At least the pfaffing around in the bath and fannying around reading stories allows one of us time to poach some chicken ahead of making our by-now-traditional chicken noodle soup, with lemon and mint:
And no noodles, obviously, as they’re far too calorific.

chicken noodle soup with mint and lemon - Tom Norrington-Davies, was Delicious now The Owl Book

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