Saturday, 14 September 2013

rick stein's kati rolls with pickled red onion

Despite being back at work, and therefore no longer having a reason to bicker at each other, today we’re in full-on snipe mode.

I rather suspect it’s precisely because of work (and the fact we stayed up extra late to finish watching Game of Thrones), that we’re temporarily at loggerheads: We’re tired, and with both of us out all week the flat is overflowing with dirty washing, dishwashers which need emptying, toys that need picking up plus small boys who need almost-constant entertaining. Plus Ana’s got lots of planning. 

Weekends are no longer fun and we’re going to have to get ourselves slightly more organised so we don’t have to spend next Saturday doing chores all day. Even worse, having looked forward to it all week after the triumphs of the Chicken Chettinad, Cabbage Thoram and prawn thingy, the next installment of our Rick Stein Curry odyssey turns out to be a bit of a damp squib.

They look nice, and to be honest they tasted quite nice, but essentially Kati rolls turn out to be small steak sandwiches: A main meal after spending all day washing/tidying/shopping/entertaining they do not make.

Having said that, Milo liked his, and I think if you swap the paratha for a thinner chapatti, and maybe even throw in dhal to dip it in, and add some shredded lettuce to the wrap, they’ll make a much more satisfying dinner. Plus beer, they need beer.

kati rolls with pickled red onion - Rick Stein, Delicious August 2013, p44

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