Monday, 16 September 2013

mimi spencer's chicken stir fry

Do you know the worst thing about doing the 5:2 diet? It's not the actual day, although the hour between 1500 and 1600 went very slowly today, but it's the paucity of recipes out there that come in at under 300 calories.

Generally, I don't struggle too badly with it, with the obvious caveat I'm only doing it one day a week compared to Ana's two: I think Monday's are an easy day to cope with mainly because you're probably full from the weekend, plus everybody is a bit sleepy and you've got to crack on with getting the week going. My top tip is rewarding myself with a black americano for 'lunch', which also helps get through to the evening, but then rather than looking forward to dinner, I'm just a bit bored by it.

Tonight is a good case in point: Having vowed never to cook it again, we're having the same Thai chicken salad recipe we had last week. We've also had the steak and roast veg salad two weeks running. I think what I'm trying to say is, does anybody out there have any brilliant, sub-300Kcal recipes we can nick?

Having said that, the Thai salad turns out to be easier to cook this time around, and therefore I'm more amenable to it. In fact it's not too far off tasting like Jilly D's seasame chicken salad, which is ludicrously popular round our way and therefore 'a very good thing'. It's also surprisingly hearty, although I suspect the addition of beansprouts which I forgot last week probably helps...

What does NOT work on a fasting day though, is watching food porn. Luckily every minute spent salivating with a grumbling stomach watching the Hairy Bikers cook blackberry duffs was offset by the calories spent smacking my forehead in exasperation at the utter shite presented in Jamie's budget twatfuckery. Alors!  

chicken stir fry - mimi spencer & dr michael mosley, The Fast Diet, p143

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