Sunday, 15 September 2013

roast pork and veg

How the seasons turn! This week started off with a slight whiff of autumn in the air, and finished in a deluge of rain, wind and leaves. Luckily there was a small window of opportunity for small boys (and dads) to have a kick about in the sun this morning, but by lunchtime it was chucking it down.

Even better from our point of view, Milo was at a birthday party in the afternoon, which gave us a two hour glimpse of what our lives were like before we had the blonde bomber.

We drank tea, listened to the radio, read the paper and roasted a pig. OK, I suspect Ana might have wanted to do more paper-reading and less planning, but it was still the sort of peaceful Sunday afternoon you see on the TV. We even had the heating on, and for once we’re not having roast chicken, nice though they are, but dabbling with pork and crackling instead:

If I'm brutally honest I slightly overdid the pork, which was a little dry (as was the crackling) and we might have to invest in some apple sauce, but I’m pretty pleased with my porcine debut.

Even Milo had seconds, although he didn’t eat as many peas as we’d like, and I’ve got enough in the fridge for sandwiches at work this week. Time will tell if Ana’s seal of approval is a genuine desire to have it again, or if it’s one of her temporary 'likes'.

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