Wednesday, 25 September 2013

allegra mcevedy's karma soupra

It’s remarkable how quickly you settle back into the routines of work, and I include all three of us in this sweeping statement: Ana gets up unfeasibly early and gets ready whilst pretending to be quiet and occasionally making me tea. I’ll get up, make two lots of packed lunches and wrangle Milo out of pajamas and out the door.

In the evening Ana does the wrangling, and get back in time for some stories and to cook, whilst she does her homework. It’s like the last year hasn’t happened.

Our precarious financial state make things are even slicker, even allowing for a mild Milo tantrum, as we’re raiding the freezer in the countdown to payday. Tonight it’s a re-run of Allegra Mcevedy’s fabulously warming Karma Soupra, with an added handful of lentils to bulk things out:

karma soupra - Allegra McEvedy, Delicious circa 2005, now the Parsley Book

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