Tuesday, 1 October 2013

jamie oliver's southern sausage stew

Having successfully fasted yesterday, tonight we undo all the good work by massively over-stuffing ourselves with porky goodness, and that’s not including the several-to-many cakes I managed to digest at work.

I rather suspect over-eating the following day is an inherent risk with the 5:2 diet, but generally we’ve been quite good at keeping our portion sizes down compared to last year. It’s even had a positive knock-on effect to how we view food, as we/I are much less likely to idly snack through boredom during the week, having put ourselves through the (relative) pain of rumbling stomachs and dizzy spells.

Not tonight though, and although Ana makes a show of complaining about the mountain of rice and spicy, sausage stew I pile onto our plates, her words are rather undercut by her actions as I certainly didn't force her to have seconds. And I note she left a couple of bits of green pepper and a pipkin of salt on her plate.

jamie's southern sausage stew - Jamie Oliver, Delicious, October p41

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