Monday, 14 October 2013

seared steak on mediterranean vegetables

You would think today’s fast would be easy-peasy, given we’re entirely fuelled by a weekend’s worth of burgers, cottage pie, take away curry, roast beef with all the trimmings, an amazing black forest gateaux (thanks Lucy!) and a cheese board. But you would be wrong.

It’s almost as if the more calories you consume over the weekend, the bigger the crash on Monday, and no amount of porridge made with water and lashings of black coffee can ameliorate the pangs of hunger. In fact I was so light-headed and giddy in the afternoon that I was sent downstairs to calm down by my boss as I was finding everything hysterically funny.

Even worse, I had to go through the torture of a trip around Waitrose on the way home so we had something to eat. It’s hard enough not filling the trolley up with delicious gewgaws and fripperies on a normal day, but tonight was hell on earth seeking out the calorie-mimsey ingredients for seared steak and grilled vegetables. A dish incidentally which whilst very tasty, is also seemingly the longest thing ever to prepare:

Personally I think Dijon mustard works better with this than English, but neither fill the stomach as well as chateaubriand, chips and mushrooms.

seared steak on Mediterranean vegetables - Delicious One Month Healthy Eating Plan, February 2007, p12

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