Thursday, 3 October 2013

seared steak on mediterranean vegetables

Another midweek meal looms on the horizon, and once again we’re in diet territory. At least Ana is, I had a cheese and tomato sandwich both before and after tonight’s >300 Kcal steak installment.

It is an extremely pfaffy meal, having to grill each vegetable just so and then keeping it warm whilst you get on with the next one, but the punchy flavours and satisfaction you get from eating it, more than make up for filling the house up with smoke.

Actually, given the fact all you’re doing is grilling three types of veg, and then some steak, with nothing else but olive oil and some sea salt, it’s an unexpectedly toothsome dinner. Lord knows how good it’ll taste  if we ever try it on a non-diet day, giving me the excuse to make the gut-enhancing garlic crème fraiche…

Sort-of stuffed with steak (and/or sandwiches) the rest of the evening passes in a blur of present wrapping for tomorrow’s sixth birthday extravaganza, which handily distracts Ana from her rumbling tummy for another night.

seared steak on Mediterranean vegetables - Delicious One Month Healthy Eating Plan, February 2007, p12

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