Wednesday, 30 October 2013

hannah thompson's kaukswe noodles

There’s nothing like making things hard for yourself when time is short to really get the blood pumping. Usually this ends up in complete disaster but for some reason definitely not related to the fact Ana is out with Kendra, not only does all of the following get done, it gets done well:
  • One out two pumpkins is carved for Halloween tomorrow. Iron Man turns out to be surprisingly easy, even allowing for the tiny canvas I’ve got to work with;
  • Rather than discarding them, I make Gizzi Erskine’s cumin, paprika and salt-roasted pumpkin seeds as a delicious snack:

  • Wash up and tidy the kitchen
  • Glue new go-faster red handles onto my beloved Brompton
  • Watch the new Poirot. Well ‘new’, but you know what I mean
  • Do some research on Comedy Central ahead of my interview tomorrow morning
  • Make possibly the pfaffiest, messiest soup I’ve ever made, featuring rubbing chicken legs with turmeric, cooling chicken legs, removing the meat and chopping it, making a curry-paste, making a thickening paste with gram flour (which didn’t thicken and just stayed a gloopy splodge later discovered on my spoon), and then and only then, mixing it all up with coconut milk to make the soup proper, before adding noodles. Oh, and boiling an egg for garnish.

Unsurprisingly there’s more carnage in the kitchen than in the country house Poirot is lurking around but it is well worth the effort, and just in time to be brainwashed into going on a Viking River Cruise.

Even better, I can see some shortcuts I can make with the recipe which hopefully mean there will be less mess and fewer steps.

kaukswe noodles - hannah thompson, Delicious, October 2013, p34

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