Thursday, 29 March 2012

pancetta-wrapped salmon with griddled asparagus

After last night's impromptu-post-inaugural-Vault-Club-Tasting-burgers-at-Sophie's, today I'm not only feeling brackish but also loquacious AND in need of a health kick. BUT, and there's a twist, it's a health kick that Ana will have to provide as I'd completely forgotten I was down for a Wine Challenge in the City tonight.

Still, is there anything more glorious than returning home after a highly-successful dip in the water at hosting a corporate challenge (Tom let me do a couple of rounds, which was nerve-wracking but strangely fun), to find dinner ready? Particularly as salmon and asparagus work just as well at room temperature as when hot from the oven*.

* And I'm not even joking.

pancetta-wrapped salmon with griddled asparagus and lime creme fraiche - Delicious, June 2010, p23

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