Monday, 26 March 2012

hot chilli

It's role-reversal night tonight, as I've gone for a trial at Bikini Blitz, and Ana's in charge of dinner, but it all ended in bitter recrimination. There's no use crying over spilled water though, even if she does do it every week, and I've spent the night bestriding the highest of horses.

I did dismount long-enough to eat two bowlfuls of left-over chilli though. Damn you Stepping Stones Nursery Quiz, for leaving 1KG of chilli in my fridge!

hot chilli - it's my own recipe, an amalgamation of a Valli Little recipe, a booklet I picked up in Ottowa's Chilly Chiles on our first trip to Canada, and a certain amount of my own wizened experience. Recipe available if you need it.

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