Sunday, 25 March 2012

First BBQ of 2012

After the combination of Sam's 40th Birthday last night, rugby in sub-Tropical Dorking and the Nursery quiz on Friday night, we're all feeling a trifle brackish today, and that's despite the 24-hour Milo care provided by Kay and Mike.

The only way to kill the pain of booze, aches, bruises and entertain Milo properly is to go swimming, go shopping on the way back, and then just when you're sobering up, invite Angela and Ed over for the first BBQ of the year:

The barbie feats:
  • More booze (Rioja, Gewurtztraminer, Beer, Bordeaux, Rose);
  • Kebabs at Milo's insistence. I don't know where he's had them, but he's obsessed!
  • Salad, with strangely loads left over;
  • Sausages!
  • Ultimate Burgers, although I couldn't find Johnnie #ParkhurstPoint's recommendation of Bloody Mary Burgers;
  • Photos by M Magic Esquire. He started with a couple of looseners:

Before finding his range:

ultimate burger - angela boggiano, Delicious, June 2009, p46
kebabs - made up, but they were lamb, with a sort of harissa and olive oil marinade

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