Tuesday, 6 March 2012

bill granger's quick roast chicken with white wine and shallots

After last night's disappointing-to-very-dull-athon, tonight we smack the ball out of the park, into the far, far distance.

According to Bill Granger, this is the one recipe he wouldn't be without, and he's pretty much bang-on: It combines the Holy Trinity of roasting chicken, cooked in less than the usual two hours, and it comes with it's own, instant, gravy which I can repeatedly 'test' with half a baguette. What is not to like?

I think a useful guide to how successful an experimental dish is, is seeing how much Ana eats. Tonight she literally eats half a chicken. Half a chicken! I'm definitely telling Lara...

quick roast chicken with white wine and shallots - Bill Granger, Delicious March 2012, p57


  1. This looks delish - I will be popping this on next weeks list :)

    I love Bill.

  2. Excellent recommendation RGB. Made this last night for Davissss return from somewhereorother and it was a tremendous success. I EVEN jointed the chicken myself thanks to HFW's guide in the Meat book. Hurrah me.