Wednesday, 7 March 2012

jamie oliver's proper bloke's fusilli

God Wednesday's are tragic. Not for any particularly tragic reasons you understand, but more because of the parade of utter shit paraded across the TV, and consequently my ears whilst I'm cooking. There's only one guaranteed way to combat this outpouring of ghastly bobbins, and that's with a good manly dinner of SAUSAGES and PASTA. With WINE!

A charming BOGOF in the supermarket a few weeks ago has seen the freezer awash with Toulouse inspired bangers, and some go west tonight in the most noble of causes: Bladddy Jamie's bladddy pukka cockernee proper blokes fusilli, as noshed by the dear ol' Queen of Blighty. Lor bless her apples and pears, innit.

As much as I jealously take the piss out of La Oliver, he's an amazing cook and his recipes are sooo accessible. I love him and hate him, but his food is brilliant. So good in fact Ana gets a touch of the Natalie Cassidy's and embraces her curves by having seconds AND a couple of spoonfuls for good measure, even though she's a bird and this dish is categorically not for the likes of her. If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is.

proper bloke's sausage fusilli - Jamie Oliver, Cook With Jamie, p72

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