Monday, 5 March 2012

baked fish with courgettes

The thing with new, experimental recipes, is there is always an element of luck as to whether you'll actually like the end result or not. Of course you can sort-of manage the risk by attempting to second guess the success by a careful perusal of the ingredients, for example making sure you filter out any recipes which involve tripe, or beetroot (if you're Ana).

However we're pretty much out on a limb with experimental fish dishes, mainly because we only pretend to like them, and really only eat them out of misplaced middle-class guilt - it's good for the brain, eat up Milo! It's also even harder to make the aforementioned experimental fish dishes if you throw away the magazine with the recipe in, causing a panicked rummage through the bins, in the rain, to recover it. And then it turns out to be fairly fiddly. So having gone through all of that, you've got to hope it's really pretty bloody good:

Sadly it's not. It's dull, bland and flavourless, and that's despite the two different herbal marinades and crusts involved. Boring! It looks quite impressive though.

baked fish with courgettes - Easy Living Magazine, March 2012, 148

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  1. Bloody fish.

    I was going to make this but I think I'll take your points on board and avoid!

    This months EL has nice recipes in - please could you buy it and then test them out for me?!