Monday, 2 April 2012

Slightly Drunk Parents Conference: Ashton

With extensive holiday carried over from last year, this weekend we take a long trip down to our favourite West Country resort in Ashton-Under-Hill. It's noticeably our sober-est weekend yet, entirely due to Lucy letting her guard down for a moment and getting up spout, but still an ace weekend of putting the world to rights nevertheless.

I say 'nevertheless' but perhaps it was more-than-usually ace because we were mainly sober-ish?

Anyway, the culinary highlights were thither:
  • Because we haven't had it for ages and ages, on Friday night I cook a chilli! I know, crazy, but it just felt right. Like an old friend coming back, this time with a soupcon of cinnamon included into to the spice base. Don't know where I got that idea from..
  • Two curries. The first was at Gordon League RFC, and very pleasant it was after my impromptu extended kicking workshop! The second was made by Brenda and DT, and was a lamb and spinach creation by Anjum Anand, which was an amazing combination of spicy, meaty and with a silky texture from the spinach.
  • A post cinema visit to Nandos for the boys, followed by party food for Ben's birthday - featuring possibly the 8th or 9th best birthday cake I've ever seen. Points deducted for anatomical incorrectness.
  • A less-exciting Thai take away from somewhere in Evesham. It was okay, just a bit cold and underwhelming, so we won't be ordering to deliver here anytime soon.
  • A frankly huge ploughman's from the pub.
By the time we got back tonight, I really couldn't be bothered to cook but luckily Ana managed to find some chilli in the freezer - who'd have thought it! So, more chilli for dinner tonight... *sigh*. 


  1. only just seen this! oh my, it was a most lovely weekend wasn't it? and whilst i sort of get the 'nice to be sober-ish' theme I am looking forward to being able to 'tie one on' again someday soon after this teeny person has finished tenderising my liver in preparation..

    love to all you lovely lot x x x

  2. It was a divine weekend Les Bren, but then they always are! My recommendation is finding a reputable wine merchant to send you a box and vino, and getting stuck in. Smaller babies are probably easier to squeeze out imho...