Monday, 8 August 2011

jamie oliver's chicken, olive and preserved lemon tagine

Tay-Jean! Oooooh, I've been looking forward to cooking this for about two years, since we watched Jamie Does... and then I later got a tay-jean. As with all great stews, it involves a modicum of prep, if you discount the 24 hours worth of marinading, and having to quarter a chicken (thanks knife skills course!), but once it starts ticking away you get an hour and a half to deal with a selection of chores.

Picking up Milo's toys, packing my bag for tomorrow, emptying the dishwasher, doing the washing up, and chilling some wine - check, check, check, check and checkity-check! 90 minutes later, and we're good to go...

It's not as highly-spiced as other Moroccan stews we've had. Instead it's quite fresh, the fennel isn't particularly over-powering, and neither is the lemon, making it a perfect stew for the summer. Even better, there's enough for Milo's tea tomorrow *AND* a hearty and hale lunch for me! Harrumble!

chicken, olive and preserved lemon tagine - Jamie Oliver, Jamie Does..., although you can find it right here on The Times.


  1. Hey there Lady Russell de Barnes,
    Howz about something vegetarian?
    Love from Laura-Bob.

  2. Oh Laura-Bob! How are you lady, how's Sydney? Actually, what the hell are you doing? We've been reminiscing recently about Seven Brides, and the log-dancing... Can you still do it? Like a lonely polecat?

    As to vegetarianism - pfft! What do you think we spend most of our time eating? Check this gfriend!

  3. Yummers! It all looks very tasty! Very glad to see Miss Donna Hay and Delicious magazine so well represented! I'm still in Sydney with my fella, bless his beautiful hide. I work on books for primary school students now (no more law!) and I've become obsessed with baking vegan cupcakes.
    Love to Ana and Milo!