Monday, 22 August 2011

summer spaghetti

Despite having spent 8 hours fruitlessly writing a user guide for our order system, I'm feeling remarkably chipper today. Okay, I've rewarded myself with a new saucepan, but there's no earthly reason why this should be, but I'm happy to go with the flow.

Other than cracking opening a now strictly verboten mid-week bottle of vino tinto, my rediscovered sense of me manifests itself in two main ways: I try and recreate the new tresemme advert where the man kisses his new client, and then flicks her hair all over the shop, with Ana, and then I go all experimental with the summer spaghetti recipe we last week.

Now, for some reason or another it just didn't taste as nice as when Lucy cooked it for us down in t'country. It felt stodgier somehow, and less zesty, so this time I go completely off road and whack in half a tub of marscapone, use a harder goats cheese, double the amounts of tomatoes, and top it off with a good pinch of chilli flakes. It's much better than last time, almost as good as Lucy's in fact, and brilliantly by using the "change a word, take a third" rule, it's now my very own recipe - Harrumble!

summer spaghetti - Delicious, July 2011, p38

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