Sunday, 21 August 2011

sticky chicken with harissa and green cous cous

I'm usually packed off with Milo at the weekends as Ana's had enough by Saturday, but this weekend there's a triple-whammy of guilt as 1) she's spending the day sorting out things for our imminent move down the road, which I've done nothing to help with, 2) due to work, I've not really seen the little blonde monkey, and 3) it's the rules.

So, up with the lark (or next doors kids screaming in the garden at 0715), we spend the day at both The Science Museum AND the Natural History Museum. We did pretty much everything that was possible to do: the Garden, the microwave chicken, the steam engines, space, LaunchPad, the new Butterfly tent, the new Dinosaur exhibit, the usual Dinosaur exhibit, sandwiches and an ice cream, and a go on the kids version of the Red Arrow simulators if you must know, before finishing up in Ye White Hart for the most expensive riverside drinks in London.

The upshot of all this activity is Milo volunteers to go to bed, which means once more I'm being shaken awake at about nine-ish having fallen asleep with him, again. I suppose the changes have been rung slightly as tonight I've woken up with a massive drool stain on my shoulder. I'm not sure if it's his or mine.

In many ways I should've stayed in bed because other than dinner, the only thing I seem to have got up for is to start bickering about updating the nursery blog, and Sex and The City the Movie. And to be honest, bickering is the more enjoyable half of that equation.

To finish on a high though, tonight's experimental dinner was pretty darn good: The cous cous was really herby, and might swiftly become my default way of serving it as there's always some herbs malingering in the fridge, and although there wasn't any of the as-advertised pan juices in said pan, the chicken was sticky, with the harissa giving it a lovely kick.

Even Ana has voted it in for another try at some point. Until she exclusively changes her mind, of course. See, the bickering never ends...

sticky chicken with harissa and green cous cous - Delicious, September 2011, p38

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