Saturday, 20 August 2011

jill dupleix's lamb tagliata

What is wrong with me? I fell asleep not once but twice this afternoon watching La Vueleta this afternoon, and all I've done was take Milo to a birthday party and watch Wales sort-of put the smack-down on Argentina. Maybe I've got sleeping sickness. I also fell asleep reading stories tonight again...

So, once again we're down to whatever I can cook fairly quickly, and so we're not eating at midnight. Again. Lucky I earlier managed to replace the vine tomatoes Ana ate yesterday then, as we've got classic Jilly D's lamb tagliata:

Here's an interesting question Ana came up with last night: What would you cook if you were on Come Dine With Me? I'm not sure I know to be honest. I suppose you'd need something you'd feel confident enough to cook so it couldn't possibly go wrong, but it'd also need to look amazing AND you'd need to be able to carry a theme across three courses. Any ideas?

lamb tagliata - Jill Dupleix, Delicious, October 2007, p138

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