Monday, 20 July 2015

Wild rice salad with peas, pea shoots and green harissa

I've come to the conclusion the trick to doing the whole fasting thing is not to eat at all during the day, limit yourself to a couple of cups of tea and a coffee, then eat your entire quota in one hit (including small square of post-dinner dark chocolate). Boomtown, day nailed, six pack in the bag.

I find the challenge usually surfaces between 3 and 4pm when my gut realises it's not getting any food, so it puts in a final burst of grumbling, growling and light-headedness. Get past that and you're sweet. Unless you've met your wife in town so she can swap her Bulgarian cleaner's sandals and the extra cup of coffee tips you over the edge of dizziness.

Anyhoo, tonight we've got a new fasting favourite courtesy of this month's Delicious feature on Mildreds vegetarian restaurant: Wild rice salad. Even better, this week I've gone completely Hoxton-mad and made it with Carmargue red rice:

I don't wish to brag too much, but IT'S FUCKING EXCELLENT. Massively filling even with small quantities, and absolutely rammed with zingy flavours from the green harissa (I used Belazu's green verbena), herbs, green chilli and lemon juice. Go and make it now!*

*You will have to buy Delicious or eat in Soho.


Wild rice salad with peas, pea shoots and green harissa - Mildreds, Delicious July 2015, p71

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  1. my Bulgarian cleaner wears the tiniest adidas I've seen.. I'm intrigued though by the sandals.. could a picture accompany the next post? (along with a photo of the food)