Monday, 27 July 2015

Chargrilled tuna with oregano oil, peas and broad beans

Stage two of "Empty Freezer by Gourmandising" gets off to a grand start this morning as I remembered to take the tuna out of the freezer before I went to work.

It then got slightly buggered up by dint of fact the tuna had completely defrosted in the fridge, which meant I got distracted by re-ordering Milo's Lego men (again) waiting for it.

Disaster was only averted because time spent obsessively lining small figures up by theme is also team well-spent letting a dressing stew in it's own juices, and the dressing is the star here.

Whilst tuna is undeniable lovely and meaty, and beans (the frozen soya sort) and peas are sweet and fresh, you wouldn't say any of these ingredients is amazingly flavoursome. However the dressing, a combination of oregano, oil, salt and lemon juice is just fab: a lip-smacking, zingy poke in the eye that perfectly zhushes up everything else.

Ten minutes later, the best way to end a fasting day ever:


chargrilled tuna with oregano oil, peas and broad beans - Jamie Oliver, Cook with Jamie, p214

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