Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Edamame and chorizo salad with fried egg

This one is going to come back and bite Mrs Barnes in the ass.

Not only did she pre-prepare this for me as she's going out tonight, and in doing so cook the smallest amount of beans possible and carbonise the chorizo, but she failed to take note of the fasting nature of this super-quick salad.

All 299 kcals of deliciousness (offset by a spare fried egg sandwich for me) out the window on a non-fasting day, and as I'm out for the next two nights, her 'fasting' meals are limited to a massively rice heavy Mildred's salad, a mackerel dish we've only got 1/3 of the ingredients for or the Bear Fruit cereal Milo has turned his nose up at.

On the upside, this is very delicious with the bonus of leaving space for the aforementioned fried egg banjo. Oh the Anas...

Brenda you may be intrigued to note like last night we swapped in frozen Soya Beans rather than Edamame, not for pfaff reasons but because the latter are cocking expensive as the basis of a meal.


Edamame and chorizo salad with fried egg - Lottie Covell, Delicious July 2015, p82

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  1. the bear fruit cereal is shite... ours took up cupboard space for about 6 months before finding itself in the bin. This looks nice though.. I will be trying it :-)