Monday, 13 July 2015

Chargrilled tuna with oregano oil, peas and broad beans

The key to a successful fasting meal is speed of prep, maximum flavour and the ability to fill you up as much as possible.

This Jamie dish firmly ticks all boxes, and even better because we've replaced pfaffy broad beans that need podding (sad face by Ana) with frozen soya beans which don't. Bish bash bosh - jazzy meal in 10 minutes:

Whilst we're here, I'd best 'fess up we're calling this a fasting meal on the basis it's just legumes and tuna, rather than any in-depth caloric information - but it can't be more than 300 calories can it? On the basis my stomach is still gurgling, it must be super-skinny...


chargrilled tuna with oregano oil, peas and broad beans - Jamie Oliver, Cook with Jamie, p214