Sunday, 12 July 2015

chorizo, pea and lemon cous cous

And we're back.

Berated by Brenda and Clokey over the past month, with supplementary encouragement from Ana, I've sorted-of caved.

To be honest, I've also realised there's a massive hole in my search mechanism for the past year which means I can't find anything tasty that we've cooked since last summer. And I'm fairly sure we've had some top-hole scran since May last year.

So, what better way to reboot the blog than with a post-Evesham trip fridge-emptying left-over bonanza. Choices on offer once we'd ground our way through the M4 traffic was:

  • Donna Hay's pasta with cherry tomatoes
  • Delicious's chorizo and cous cous (with extra cherry tomatoes)
  • Mildred's Mee Goreng (told you you'd missed some recipes)

On the basis due to six-pack issues Ana is now pasta-intolerant, and her and Milo pull faces like they've been sucking lemons in the car for the past 4 hours on the option of thai noodles, we go with the chorizo. Classic.

Basil was a on the edge of being slimy, but otherwise a great success and for some reason an easy way of injecting peas into Milo, who obviously won't touch them unless they're teamed with chorizo.


chorizo, pea and lemon cous cousDelicious, October 2012, p28

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