Sunday, 19 July 2015

Steamed Thai-style sea bass and rice

I don't know why we haven't had this for a good couple of years. It's super-easy, quick and the rice is absolutely crammed with flavour - and since we last had it sea bass seems to have hit a price low. Two fillets for a fiver? You can't go wrong, and whilst three fillets doesn't quite stack up it's still pretty good value.

Obviously I didn't optioned four fillets for a tenner on the basis nobody wants random single fillets of fish cluttering up the freezer, along with my single osso bucco lurking in there. And the one fillet of salmon that's got 'fish pie' stamped all over it come the autumn.

Suffice to say, I needn't have bothered. Well, actually that's not true. Ana's v pleased it's returned but the view from under eight end of the table was that the bass "didn't have enough flavour". Sorry Fauntleroy.


steamed Thai-style sea bass and rice - Jamie Oliver, Cook with Jamie, p229

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