Monday, 10 March 2014

minced turkey with thai basil

Having spent yesterday afternoon in a beer-fuelled rage at the lack of a Welsh performance at Twickers, I fully expect today to be a nightmare of hangover, hunger and boredom as tasks are slowly petering out at work. Although as it turns out I’ve inadvertently discovered a surfeit of booze is the secret ingredient to surviving a fasting day.

Maybe it’s the sugar in it, or the fact it’s another beautiful spring day, but today flies by and not even a text from Ana revealing how she’s fallen off the calorie wagon can shake my will. It’s either that or I’m so massively hungover I’m too delirious to notice my stomach cramping.

Even better, I’m so adept at making this thai lettuce confection it literally takes 10 minutes, which means we’ve got Milo into bed and Harry Potter-ed up, Ana’s started marking and the mince is plopping into its leafy spoons long before University Challenge has even started:

However if this efficiency does has a downside, it’s the fact by eating earlier it means we’ve got a longer time than usual to be hungry in until bedtime. Damn you efficiency!

minced turkey with thai basil - Delicious, October 2009, p126

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