Tuesday, 11 March 2014

fried rice with squash, chestnuts and chard

After last night’s efficiency tonight we slip to the opposite extreme. Partly this is because Ana has to pick Milo up from a playdate, which always takes longer than anticipated, and drags into a late bath and later reading stories and even later going to sleep than any small boy has a right to. Also, it’s Tuesday night running club, which means I’m not back exactly early, which adds another layer of delay to the evening.

With all this going, the trick to Tuesday night cooking (although I suppose this goes for any weeknight meals) is minimum prep, minimum cooking time, maximum flavour and/or heft. Although I hasten to add ‘diet-friendly heft’. Tonight this all comes the perfectly formed package of squash and chard thingy – this time with chard and a crusty base!

Cook rice, open prepacked and sliced squash, soften squash with garlic, add packed chestnuts and rice, add chopped chard, wilt, add cream cheese. Eat. Simple!

It does need a fair whack of seasoning mind, just to lift the flavours slightly, and I wouldn’t rule out chucking in a good wodge of soy sauce as that sort of works.

fried rice with squash, chestnuts and chard - Delicious, November 2011, p76

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