Saturday, 8 March 2014

chicken, chorizo and cider pie

Why is it when you need to get kids out of bed to go to school, they cling to their duvets shrieking and wailing, but come the weekend they decide to get up absurdly early? I mean wtf?

Obviously this is a terrible thing but Milo’s absurdly early rising (for him/us) does have benefits as this weekend we’re on a tight schedule. As I see it we need to achieve the following:

· Rugby (Milo)
· Haircut (Ana)
· Go for a run (me)
· Get lovely booze
· Tidy house
· Entertain the Sheffords’ to dinner: Cook pie, and pudding
· Lunch with Kendra
· Sana’s 6th birthday party
· Watch Wales v England
· Do homework
· Mark books
· Tidy house (again)

Phew - lucky we only had a couple of glasses of wine last night, so we can swing into immediate action on points 1 to 6.

As is the way of things, we do our best to balls up the smooth running of operations but despite forgotten house keys and a fruitless street search for a wife with too many shopping bags, we do end up with a hearty chicken and chorizo pie and veg (including blue mash) followed by rhubarb crumble, only an hour later than scheduled:

I'd also like to point out that the mash is entirely due to being made with heritage blue potatoes rather than any food colouring - and the kids wolfed it down! Top tip there middle class types with access to heritage veg... and as I type that, I realise how much I hate myself.

chicken, chorizo and cider pie - Delicious, November 2011, p76

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