Wednesday, 6 February 2013

thai pork vermicelli salad

Today is a full of unexpected culinary successes.
1. I manage to get up in time to make scrambled eggs for breakfast for me and Milo before he goes to school and I head out to Regency Cheltenham for the day;
2. We not only have a fab tasting at The Daffodil where the whites showed v well, particularly the Bourgogne Chardonnay, but we get shouted lunch which was divine. I had the beef fillet and oxtail pudding, which I cannot recommend highly enough, and an amazing platter of local cheeses. Everybody, go to the Daff immediately!
3. Tonight's tasting was cancelled, which meant Ana could go to book club and even better, given I had prepped the marinade and veg last night, we could both have dinner early.

Well early-ish, obviously I had to snuggle up with Milo and then eat it whilst watching Marple about an hour later.

I have to say this is another one of my favourite meals: it's fresh, zingy and surprisingly filling - especially if you max out on the veg. We had purple-sprouting broccoli tonight as it's so in season, mini sweetcorn, bean sprouts, carrot, herbs, although I missed the mange tout. I'll have to freeze them.

It's also very, very quick.

Wine Time
Wine-wise we're very much in the same zone as last night, albeit with less lime, so there's not as much acidity to balance. Even so, all of last night's suggestions - Vouvray or a New World Chenin, Riesling or Gewurtz - would go down a treat, but if you're looking for something different, why not go for a Viognier? Steer clear of the classic Rhone home as they are pricey, but if you get something from the Languedoc, you wont go wrong.

thai pork vermicelli salad - Delicious, June 2012, p115 

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