Tuesday, 26 February 2013

eating for Blighty

The worst thing about coming back from holiday isn't having to return to reality, although after two weeks living it up in the Hammer with the amazing Harlocks, reality bit hard. As bad as that sounds, what's worse is coming back from the lovely Harlocks at least 400 stone overweight. In fact, after all the Timbits, brewskis and cake, Ana had to check me in as heavy luggage, and we paid excess on Milo.

Still, it was brilliant and this being ostensibly a food-blog, we'll focus on the culinary highs with a Top of the Pops-style countdown.

In at number five, it's Canada's Crazy Craft Brews
We're only just waking up to the whole craft beer movement over here in Blighty, but it's well-established over there. In fact one of the beers Dr John first introduced me to over 10 years ago, Sleeman's, is now a big boy, but still churns out a nice brew. Like all good surgeons, his medicine cabinet was well-stocked with an amazing range of craft beers as well as a veritable lake of IPA, which is the new craze sweeping the frozen north.

It was all delicious, but personal faves from the fridge were Creemore Springs UrBock, Steam Whistle, Hops & Robbers, a Pumpkin Ale (but I can't remember who made it), the brilliantly-named Dead Elephant Ale, and this bad boy:

I'm really looking forward to drinking Carlsberg and Stella again. Not.

Still hanging in there, Delia's Lime & Chicken Curry is a non-mover at four
Ahhh, it's tradition!

A surprise entry at number three, a BBQ, in minus 21C and snow
No seriously. It pretty much snowed most days whilst we were there, and the temperatures hovered around sub-freezing, so naturally John spends an hour outside barbecuing steak in the dark and sleet. I mean, obviously. It was delicious though, and I thoroughly recommend he does it again.

More Dr John at number two, with his amazing breakfast special
Turkey slices, green tomato, two sorts of eggs, and cheese in a sandwich - what is not to like? I had two...

And top of the charts for yet another year, CHICKEN WINGS!
This year featuring an amazing new Wings Up delivery boy...

Everybody loves those spicy, sweet and sour wings

Beers, wings, steak, pancakes, cakes, timbits, giant pizzas, wine, crisps, salsa, skiing, more timbits and breakfast BLTs - yet another diet is definitely starting once we've got over the jet lag.

I'll leave you with this final highlight of the holiday:

Yay Canada!


  1. Truly brilliant stuff! I LOVE the cat! x

  2. Truly brilliant stuff! I LOVE the cat! x