Thursday, 14 February 2013

jamie oliver's proper bloke's fusilli

T-minus one sleep until C-A-N-A-D-I-A! After two consecutive night's of tastings, and with zero packing done, tonight the food reins are firmly in the grip or Mrs Barnes - if only because she's already fully packed.

Even better, we've got some help, so whilst I'm wrestling pants into a suitcase and Ana is playing with sausage, Kayosaurus and Mikeledocus are wrestling a massively over-excited Milo into bed.

It's a great pre-flight meal: stodgy and meaty, with some lemony notes from the fennel seeds, so we won't need to be running to the toilet every five minutes/having to eat loads of pretzels.

Obviously it's the last fatty/meal we'll be having for the next two weeks, because Canadians are all about the healthy stuff.

T-minus six hours...

proper bloke's sausage fusilli - Jamie Oliver, Cook With Jamie, p72

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