Monday, 4 February 2013

anjum anand's creamy chicken tikka

Back in the good old days of Wundy Wullington - and specifically whilst house-sitting in Jacqui and Tristan's flat, because they were definitely coming back - we got addicted to a Nigella chicken tikka recipe. Lord knows where I found it, but short of buying the book, I've never managed to find a copy. Consequently since our glorious return I've taken to filing away likely replacements to do nothing with. Until now.

With the left-over bits of the two chickens I cremated for dinner yesterday, the Owl Recipe Book steps up to the plate with this fabulously easy Anjum Anand version, culled from the Sainsbury's Magazine.

Of course that's easy in the sense who doesn't want to blitz up cashew nuts and slather chicken breasts in plastic bags full of marinade first thing in the morning before they go to work? It's completely worth it though:

It's a good job the Mango Powder was optional though, as I had just run out. Isn't that always the way with that particular pantry staple? Oh well, I'll pop down Mortlake's Mango Powder Emporia before we do the next batch.

Wine Time
I always say Carmenere is one of the best wine matches with Curry; It's Merlot-like velvety qualities and spicy finish perfectly complementing the heavy gravy-based dishes we love. However this a lighter, creamier style so you need to look for more acidity, and more aromatics. Viognier would work well, especially a New World style, as would a Gewurztraminer, but I'd favour a rosé as it has a great balance of fruit to tame the spice, but with enough acidity to cut through the creaminess. Delish!

creamy chicken tikka - Anjum Anand, Indian Every Day, c/o Sainsbury's Magazine, June 2003 - now the Owl Book

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