Monday, 24 February 2014

seared steak and mediterranean vegetables

Another week dawns with the usual Monday struggle with starvation and culinary deprivation. Only this time black hole of low blood-sugar is deepened by the fact we’re not only battling gnawing stomachs (and grinding teeth, or am I the only one to do this?), but tummies that have rapidly got used to Norwegian excess and a heady weekend of Six Nations action. And by ‘action’, I mean beer.

Having had the Thai-spiced chicken in lettuce leaves for the past two or three weeks, we ring the changes and fall back on an old – if extremely pfaffy – favourite: seared steak and griddled vegetables. We will of course be having the thai chicken on Thursday.

Further changes are also made to the usual order of cooking the veg as mentally I needed to break out of the  ‘onions – peppers – courgettes’ routine. Tonight I reversed the order and felt in a much happier place, not that it made any difference to the flavour, and despite thinking it lessened the amount of smoke generated, it turned out to create just as much as normal.

Still, steak eh?

seared steak on Mediterranean vegetables - Delicious One Month Healthy Eating Plan, February 2007, p12 

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