Sunday, 9 February 2014

chicken, chorizo and cider pie

Getting people over for a hearty lunch after a leisurely walk to the pub and back seems as good a reason to spend a Sunday as any other, with the added benefits of everybody having to chip into tidying the house so it’s sparkling, and the excuse of buying a random selection of wines and beers for lunch.

Spokes start coming off the bike fairly early. Actually, literally fairly early, as the only delivery slot I could book from the Ocado man was 07.30. Ooof! And then our guests cancel due to having a child go down with the lurgy. Although disappointing, this works out quite nicely in the end as a) Milo turns out to be vastly over-tired and b) the experimental chicken and chorizo pie I hoiked out of a back issue of Delicious is a lot more fiddly than planned.

However, it’s bloody delicious and well worth the effort, and a particularly useful way of also using up a random punnet of mushrooms lurking in the fridge. The upshot is we’re left with a classic #firstworldissue: how do you eat a pie large enough to serve 6-8 when there’s only two of you?

With great gusto is the answer. I think it’s vastly better than our standard chicken and leek pie c/o Jamie, it’s richer with a greater depth of flavour from the tarragon and chorizo (and mushrooms of course), and actually I think shortcrust pastry makes a far superior crust than puff. Not that I ‘made’ it you understand.

Definitely having it again, and hopefully this time with the purple mash I’d bought to entertain the kids.

chicken, chorizo and cider pie - Delicious, November 2011, p76

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