Monday, 10 February 2014

minced turkey with thai basil

I'm fairly sure this Thai chicken in lettuce leaves thing, (although we're using turkey) Mrs White once told me is really called something like ‘larb’. Whatever, it is rapidly becoming our go-to fasting Monday meal: It’s absolutely stuffed with rich flavours, taking the edge off the stomach discontent, it’s easy-peasy and it’s super quick.

It’s also fairly forgiving with ingredients, in fact I’m not sure I’ve ever cooked it with the full complement, but it seems to make little difference. Tonight is a case in point: I’ve finally got my hands on Kepack Manis, but I used up all the thai basil last week, and I also forgot to add the nuts. This doesn’t stop us ravenously trying to mop up the sticky-salty sauce left in the pan with the remaining lettuce leaves, which are clearly the king of absorbing liquids:

There is also an unexpected knock-on benefit to this dinner’s super-speedy qualities: It means I’ve got time to not only turn the pile of carrots lurking in the salad tray into lovely and warming carrot soup for lunch this week, I can even chop up and marinade tomorrow night’s Moroccan chicken – and all before 20.30! Having said that, knocking out three meals in one night on a fasting day is a unique form of torture that I won’t be trying again.

minced turkey with thai basil - Delicious, October 2009, p126

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