Monday, 27 February 2012

tom norrington-davies' chicken noodle soup with mint and lemon

T N-D's chicken noodle soup is rapidly becoming a house classic: It's fragrant, packed with with zingy flavours, filling and good for the soul. It's also perfect for Monday evenings because I can leave the chicken simmering in the stock whilst I grab a post-run shower, and Ana puts the blond bomber to bed.

Even better tonight I finally *finally*get to get a bit creative with the basic recipe. We make it with last night's left-over chicken, add some left-over sugar snap peas and baby corn, and whack in a big dollop of ginger. Not only that, we've even got all the correct broth ingredients including my new-found favourite drink, Fino Sherry!

To be honest, the re-cooked chicken looks a bit wonky, but it tastes divinely healthy and hale. It also allows me to whack together a massive batch of Celeriac Soup for work this week. Bonus!

chicken noodle soup with mint and lemon - Tom Norrington-Davies, Delicious circa 2006 maybe, now The Owl Book
celeriac soup - Delicious circa 2005/6, now the Parsley Book

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