Thursday, 16 February 2012

hugh's beet tarte tatin

Kendra & Hanne Signy, as fellow beetroot lovers you are going to love this one - I promise!

We've had some beetroot malingering in the salad tray for weeks, just sat there waiting for me to turn them into soup. I even bought some horseradish the other day to force the issue, but flicking through Saint Hugh's by-now-I-think-we-can-all-agree-it's-amazing Veg book I found something so audacious and bonkers, I had to try it - beetroot tarte tatin.

Okay, so I'm a good half bottle of medicinal rioja down by this point, but what the hell! Milo's asleep, Ana's out for dinner and I've got a salad drawer primarily made up of rapidly going out of date veg and salad. Has Hugh let me down yet?

It is totes. mcgrotes. amazeballs. and dead easy to make, with plenty of baking stages which let you tidy up the bathroom whilst the beetroots roast, sort out the lounge whilst the puff pastry puffs, and get your things ready for work whilst it all rests.

The beetroots come out sweet, with a little bite, and the dressing is to die for. In fact I've had half the 20cm tart by the time I get around writing this, and the third quarter is already on my plate. Even better, seeing how it's a salad, it doesn't count - genius! Another glass of vino all round!

beet tarte tatin - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, River Cottage Veg Everyday!, p48


  1. Do you know that the first time I read the title of this post I saw it as BEEF tarte tatin and felt quite intrigued!

  2. Can you imagine Beef tarte tatin? That would be amazing

  3. Looks like beetroot heaven to me! Ive been meaning to make this for ages. I love Hugh and his way with vegetables!