Sunday, 26 February 2012

sunday roast

Having gone all Olly Smith with Greg and Spandy last night, we decide to put our chin-stroking comments on the Christmas box white Burgundy being a better food wine than a quaffing wine to the test, by drinking the rest of it with a roast chicken.

Of course, to get to this point I do have to malinger in bed for another hour once the McPartlins (or Oz and Jilly as they're now known), have gone back oop North, take a really nice afternoon stroll in the sun around Barnes pond, and a panic shop in Sainsbury's during the last half-an-hour before it closed.

Even then I'm not sure I'm really sober/awake to be honest, because I forget loads of bits and bobs tonight, including the parsnips, peas, and broccoli to name but three. And the potatoes aren't crisp enough - #Fail.

It looks pretty good though,  Milo eats it all, and we're right - the Mercurey Blanc tastes bloody delicious paired with roast chicken.

Wine Match
Mercurey Blanc - haven't I just said that?

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