Monday, 27 January 2014

tom norrington-davis' falafels

Slowly but surely our fasting choices are widening. We’ve already got proven winners like steak and grilled veg up our sleeves, along with Nigella’s sour prawn soup and the thai chicken in lettuce leaves (larb – is it called larb?), and now we’ve got a new humdinger: Tom Norrington-Davies' falafals!

As far as I can tell, all of these dishes combine the following key factors: they’re mostly quick to prepare, they leave you feeling a bit fuller than other fasting candidates, and they’re delicious in their own right. And my, are the falafals quick, easy and delish, and at (allegedly) 230 kcals for 5, there’s some of scope for flatbread, salad and houmous.

I’ve tried cooking them once before, a spectacularly unsuccessful gluten-free version using squash, which pretty much put me off attempting them since, but they’re so easy, and it turns out, an ideal way to get rid of all the gluten free flour I bought for their last incarnation. I’m also future-inspired by Strutton Ground’s fab falafel vendors, by adding roasted aubergine and some pickled chilli into the mixer, on a non-fasting day of course.

Incidentally, what does anybody think of the restyled Delicious? Having teetered on the edge of unsubscribing, I quite like the new direction. In fact without it we wouldn’t have had this very recipe, which they culled from their archives. I can’t work out whose it is though, which is less useful for tagging this post, I think it's Tom N-D's, but who knows? It is now.

falafel - Tom Norrington-Davies, Delicious, January 2014, p97

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