Tuesday, 28 January 2014

chorizo, pea and lemon cous cous

Generally planning our dinners a week in advance works very well for us: our shopping bill is (relatively) managed, our evening fannying about is reduced, and there is some degree of positive knock-on with my lunches the next day. Occasionally though, things don’t work out and tonight is a case in point.

Not that any of the above points were failures in any way, in fact if anything all boxes were firmly ticked and I’ve even got enough left-over to make two wraps for lunch tomorrow. No, the planning only really falls down when you don’t fancy the scheduled meal.

Admittedly having just delivered the worst run (mainly walk) of 2014 might have something to do with it, or the fact it’s cold and wet, but tonight I’m just not feeling ‘it’.

It’s a shame because usually this is such a winner, but tonight I’m not loving its flavours. In fact I’m not entirely convinced it’s got much flavour at all, which is a bit worrying as I’ve got it for lunch tomorrow. Maybe I’m coming down with something, or maybe it’s better suited to warm summer evenings than damp and woolly January ones? Who knows…

chorizo, pea and lemon cous cous - Delicious, October 2012, p28

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