Tuesday, 21 January 2014

jamie oliver's chicken & leek pie

Maybe it’s the fact I did not end up face down on Milo’s beanbag, only to later purge my afternoon’s pie/beer/wine/sloe gin/curry like an enthusiastic bulimic, but tonight’s run home is legendary.

Fuelled by the first homemade ‘pot’ noodle (using a Kilner jar darlings), and tellingly not dragged down by a torrent of gin and beer, I fly home like Mercury. Or at least Mercury’s fatter brother, which not only gets me back in record time but it means I can get tonight’s time-heavy-but-delicious chicken and leek pie on the go early enough to eat it on our laps watching TV by 2100, rather than usual battle to get it cooked and eaten by 2300, ready for three uncomfortable hours digesting it in bed.

Oddly enough both lunch and dinner benefit from my current zeal for using up stuff in the fridge rather than having to lob a bag of food to make room for this week’s shopping: following Hugh’s lead, the ‘pot’ is topped up with red pepper, celery, carrot sticks, mushrooms, sweetcorn, and the pie is similarly bulked up with the remaining left-over mushrooms and sweetcorn, to great success even though I say so myself:

Even better, my unwarranted vim and vigour gives me further time to experiment with affixing pie casings to dishes (tonight: a beaten egg and back of a fork combo) and to get creative with some puff pastry boobs:

Is there anything better than a hot pie on a cold, drizzly night, accompanied by ridiculous costume drama? I do not think so… If only we were drinking during the week….

chicken & leek pie - Jamie Oliver Christmas Special 2006

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