Monday, 14 November 2011

hugh fearnley-whittingstall's roasted parsnip, lentil and watercress salad

Holy Moly - who knew parsnips could taste so amazing, and as a salad?

To be honest we're a bit of a parsnip house; we like 'em roasted with carrots, honey and parmesan, in a curried soup, with of a roast and mashed - but even we baulked at essentially, giant farting white carrots, and leaves. In fact we've had the ingredients kicking around the fridge for the past week or so, before European Economic Meltdown forced our hand. Sort of.

However, Greece and Italy's (and Spain's, Guernsey's etc etc) loss is our gain because this is freaking fantastic!

Who ever new parsnips, lentils and watercress could make the most divine autumnal salad? Well Hugh, obviously *sigh* he's so dreamy! I like his new hair.

roasted parsnip, lentil and watercress salad - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, River Cottage Veg Everyday, p90


  1. Me too, totes hot, he needs to be added to

  2. Have you noticed not only do you not see me and HFW in the room at the same time, he's cut his hair just as mine's gone positively Whittingstallian. And by implication that means I no longer qualify for fuckyeahhotchefs... you're mean

  3. I love Lucys comment! I am off to browse shortly.....

    now I DO have several leftover 'snips in the veg box from Donna Hays veg soup - this may just be the perfect solution.

  4. That or curried parsnip soup, which is always a winner this time of year - easy on the cumin though!